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Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate (2024)
M2 V-- A--
3 hours ago
Winnougan 26, M, Canada
They're trying to cash in on the miserable tv series they've released. It completely sullies the original film for decades ago. Corporations are really agnostic to the landscape around them - forever surrounded by "yes men."
Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate (2024)
M-- V-- A--
15 hours ago
Return-Of-The-Pope 124, M, Vatican City State
Oh look.... they're trying to make fetch happen.
Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate (2024)
M1 V-- A--
2 days ago
fück this movie
Spaceman Spaceman 2024 1080p H265 10Bit iTA EnG AC3 5.1 Sub iTA EnG NUEnG AsPiDe-MIRCrew
M1 V10 A10
5 hours ago
samir2k12 32, M, United Kingdom
Extremely boring movie.
Spaceman 2024 720p NF WEB-DL MULTI DDP5.1 Atmos x264-Telly
M1 V-- A--
12 hours ago
Nick-Adventure , , United States
2 hours of navel gazing resolved in the last minute of the film.
I expected better. My expectations were unrealistic.
Spaceman (2024) 720p WEBRip x264 - YIFY
M-- V9 A9
18 hours ago
VIP KyGun 124, M, United States
What a complete waste of time. I dont know what they were going for in this garbage but the writers have completely lost their minds. After watching Sandler play around with a giant spider I lost the plot of the whole movie. What the hell are they doing at Netflix? The obamas have ruined this country and now Netflix. They are losing their grip on fake space so they have to do another propaganda film for the globetards. Flat earth is growing because its reality. Lies always come to the surface. In short.....This movie sux ass.
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014)
M1 V-- A--
5 hours ago
lotusland , , United States
woke leftard garbage
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver S11E02 1080p WEB H264-HOTDOGWATER
M-- V-- A--
6 days ago
raf696 48, M, Poland
This week S11E02 John takes on last week's Alabama's state Supreme Court ruling regarding frozen embryos for IVF.
"Unborn children are children without exception based on their developmental stage".
Yes, it's that bad.
Someone broke into a lab and accidentally dropped embryos, and now the clinic can be sued for "wrongful death".
Second part of the show is focusing on Chinese mafia scams.
Certainly it's worth watching both parts.
Second part of the show is focusing on Chinese mafia scams.
Certainly, it's worth watching both parts, as it affects all of your lives.

Just giving you an Idea if this episode might be of interest for you.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver S11E01 February 18 2024 1080p AMZN WEB-DL DDP2 0 H264-NTb[EZTV]
M9 V-- A--
last week
raf696 48, M, Poland
So John Oliver talks about "improprieties" of the member of the Supreme Court. "Improprieties" verging on being criminal. "Improprieties", that afect EVERYONE, no mater if you're a Republican, or Democrat. "Improprieties" made by someone, who's actions would land anyone else in prison, but because he's a Supreme court justice, laws don't apply to him.
...And here are you. Spouting "Trumpian" like, "Catch Phrases", which you had to repeat four times (repeating bµllshit, won't make it true).
You didn't even watch it, did you?
Are you actively trying to prove, that Republicans are a party of MORONS?
(Or I should say, Republican SUPPORTERS are morons, because those who lead them know very well how to lie, manipulate, and cheat).
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Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman Dr Cheon and the Lost Talisman 2023 1080p Korean WEB-DL HEVC x265 5 1 BONE
M6 V10 A10
6 hours ago
christophercy69 , , United States
A mixture of comedy , drama and supernatural was decent viewing and subtitles made sense. Not one of the long running films ending in 1.5 hrs it was decent enough with fairly good production values.
Poor Things Poor Things (2023)
M10 V-- A--
6 hours ago
eee3eee , , China
@GreenYogurt You call that a review? This was a great movie. The cinematography was breathtaking, and the plot was a refreshing look at the human condition. Just imagine being brought into the world in the body of a grown adult, and having to come to terms with the joy and suffering we experience. The first thing we learn as kids is to lie to fit into any version of polite society (be it high or low culture) yet, in essence, we are all just grown up kids who have learned to behave by watching those around us. Only after Bella learned enough she chose to be her own self. You simply did not get the movie, and it's fine to admit that, but you don't have to put out that garbage comment you wrote. Peace.
Poor Things (2023) 720p WEBRip x264 - YIFY
M8 V-- A--
2 days ago
Karamela-Klizma 38, F, Estonia
The movie is SO WEIRD, KINKY, pretty and slightly shocking. Artsy movie style, but for me in a good way - Poor Things 8/10. I lately fall asleep not literally from most of the garbage from Hollywood. THiS was a eye opener. Just like Beau Is Afraid 7/10, i liked the weirdness and uniqueness.
Poor Things 2023 720p WEBRIP x264-GalaxyRG
M8 V10 A9
4 days ago
deafguy 61, M, United States
Best science fiction fantasy movie since THE MIND OF MR. SOAMES. There are so many Frankenstein movies and this is the best movie yet. Emma Stone is so brave and bares her breasts and pussy. Of course she is a great performer! Good CGI! Terrific cast especially Emma, Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo!
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