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Who Pulled the Plug? (1981) - Also known as "Göta kanal eller Vem drog ur proppen?"

Director: Hans Iveberg
Cast: Kim Anderzon, Janne Carlsson, Stig Ossian Ericson, Yvonne Lombard, Nils Eklund, Stig Engström, Magnus Härenstam, Rolv Wesenlund, Per Oscarsson, Georg Rydeberg, Peter Harryson, Svante Grundberg, Lars Amble, Marie Göranzon, Frank Andersson, Kent Andersson, Sten Ardenstam, Christer Boustedt


To get an order for 1,000 yachts from a middle-east sheik, two boat companies have to race 'Göta kanal', a canal through Sweden, east to west. There are no rules in this game and the winner gets the order.

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