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Mystery 101 Killer Timing (2021)

Cast: Jill Wagner, Kristoffer Polaha, Robin Thomas, Preston Vanderslice, Erin Cahill, Miranda Edwards, Shiraine Haas, Daniel Bacon, Blake Stadel, Adrian Petriw, Lossen Chambers, Fred Keating, Charles Jarman, Michelle Choi-Lee, Julie Howgate, Amira Anderson, Bronwen Smith, Cassandra Bolinski, Chad Riley, Todd Mann, Brad Mann, Tanya Champoux, Martin Renner Wallace, Kayla Cho


Synchronicity, which Amy is currently teaching in one of her classes, seems to be pervading her and Travis' lives. Nearing the end of the process, Amy has agreed to take over as Chair of the search committee for Elmstead College's new Dean of Students, she being up front to President Rivers that her friend, Dr. Tabby Felton, is one of the candidates. Tabby herself finds that she is torn in that her boyfriend, Elmstead's IT department head Joe Gearson, has just accepted a job at Oxford and has asked her to move with him to England, she however still going through with her application for the Dean's position while she decides what to do if and when she is offered the position. Concurrently, Travis has headed back to Chicago to testify in the serial murder case of Jeffrey Lewandowski aka the Wolfman, it the last case Travis led for the Chicago PD. While his testimony goes well, what doesn't go as well is Lewandowski's custody, he who is able to escape, he, in the process, leaving behind .

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